Monday, August 20, 2007

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for visiting our family picture slide show blog! I decided to use blogger as a place to just post pictures and maybe a short summary of what the slide is about. I still use yahoo360 as our family story site and myspace for fun and catching up with old friends. Patrick also has a myspace page. Please feel free to still leave us comments here too as well so we know you visited our picture blog. As you can see below I am making a slide show for my wonderful husband Patrick, I am not finished yet as I still need to add many more pics to it. If you know me I have a ton of pictures and it is taking me awhile to sort through them all to get to post them here. So please check back often for updates or new pics. I will be adding the latest pics of the kiddos as well. You know me, I love photography! Thanks again everyone and remember let us know you visited :)
Hugs to you all my wonderful family and friends!
Have a blessed week,

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